Training methods that begin with your employees' experiences

That's why we listen well at first

We distinguish ourselves as a training organisation by the way in which we convey training content in the field of management, sales and communication. That's why first of all we listen to your training requirements, especially what you wish to achieve. On that basis we jointly select an efficient training method, which we adhere to and to which your employees' experiences are central. Below, you will find several different concepts.

One minute wizard

specific and targeted – short and intensive

A specialist shadows your employee for 1 hour. During that time, he issues a number of short and to the point tips aimed at achieving a previously agreed objective. The One Minute Wizard moves on every hour, so that all participants are seen within an agreed time period. A tip lasts for a maximum of 1 minute with the invitation to apply it as quickly as possible.

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confrontational and in the business

A training architecture with a clear and permanent structure which is fully adaptable in terms of content, duration and approach. A personally-focused approach is the common theme that helps to monitor the evolution of development in which we confront participants with a mirror.

Due to this integrated approach, there is also the opportunity to cooperate with other training partners.

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recognisable, in the business

Digital learning, or are we using a pleonasm here? Just in time? Or better “Just In Work”. By the use of digital media, combined with other resources, we take learning to where it is needed, in business. Interactive video, online bulletin boards,… tools that promote social learning and add an extra dimension.

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Friend or foe? Practise your skills with an actor. An absolute added value which the strong embedding of the learning moment. An actor is trained in how to put behaviours in place. So, as a participant, you can practise the behaviour that you find difficult in practice and work towards a successful experience. A mirror that can be very confrontational.

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in the business, practical

Working on mindset or providing insights which immediately have an influence on behaviour? If so, go for a workshop format. More than in a training session, it provides scope for discussion and consultation. A high level of participation and creativity is the result.

Our trainer adopts the role of process consultant and facilitator to provide guidance toward a previously agreed objective.

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