It's not because you know which soft skills your employees need, it's also about knowing how to provide them

How we do that

Soft skills training that will get your employees interested


During our sales, management and communication training sessions, we confront your employees with their acquired skills and competences. That is the departure point for teaching them how to achieve their personal ambitions and those of your company.

One minute wizard

specific and targeted – short and intensive

A specialist supervises your employee intensively for 1 hour

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confrontational and in the business

A training architecture with a clear and permanent structure

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recognisable, in the business

Digital learning, or are we using a pleonasm here?

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Friend or foe? Practise your skills with an actor

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in the business, practical

Working on mindset or providing insights which immediately have an influence on behaviour?

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In what way do you want to perfect your empoloyees?

Sales skills and attitudes

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Management skills and attitudes

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Communication skills and attitudes

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Top three most requested solutions

1.Prospection with a higher success percentage: from cold to warm          acquisition
2.Sales fine-tuned to the customer journey
3.Sales for contact centres
1.Fight against burn-out with absenteeism interviews
2.Coaching management
3.Leading a team: People management
1.Assertive communication
2.Targeted action, client centricity
3.Convincing and influencing

"I like the method of practising a lot and the constantly adapted apporach. It is confrontational but in a way in which you learn something, not in a way in which you withdraw from yourself."




Bjorn Degrande

“Very practical session, tailored to the needs of each of us.

Specific points for each and every one of us to be taken from the presentation. The process of looking and giving feedback on all participants can be a bit tedious. However, overall a very good workshop.”

Kenneth Vansteenkiste

"It was an educational experience because of its practical approach. This enables you to learn from situations experienced by your colleagues and tips from the coach on how to deal with them in the future."


Stephanie Verhaege